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    Charlie …hows THIS…contacted Brian and he has an original Airial photo, 30×30 of the track back then…got it from the state survey office (This guy is amazing!) He’s going to take photo of it and send to me …We then will load into our graphics program,clean it up and LABLE things.(Roads, landmarks,etc.) I then will DRAW up an illustration of how it looked “bird’s eye view” this has never been done . Heres how to find Track Location NOW: Just north of the big Hospital on Rt.22,Wingdale, is a light (Intersection).Thats Pleasant Ridge Rd. take that west …you’ll go down a hill ,over the tracks and continue til you see First Student Bus Co. on the right .Their entrance is actually the original entrance to the the track ….going straight on that would take you to the “PitPass” booth.You’de sign in there and go straight some more to the Tech Lanes (Thats where the Bus Co. is now ).All the pits and track were to the left of that .Only remaining pavement left is about 150 ft. of shutdown area starting at the finish line and the return road. Theres two out buildings still theer in the front with a couple of rusting dozers (who knows -maybe Chet & Joes originals) In those days If you were a spectator ,you’de pay at the gate and turn left behind those buildings and drive around to the Spectator side ,passing behind the hot car pits .