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    quote dinotheweirdo:

    Help ! I’m in hill-billy heaven down here ! can’t find it on the THREE magazine racks available…Walmart, Food Lion & the Drug store.Would have to drive an hour to “real World”. Thats what ya get for moving to low taxes and a 🙄 “quiet” little town ….jeesh

    Let’s see if I can keep this “politically correct.” Uh, it’s a challenge getting a bi-monthly “niche” magazine on thousands of newsstands nationwide. There used to be almost 100 wholesale magazine distributors in the country, but that number has shrunken to less than 20, from what I’m told. WalMart has recently downsized its newsstand, so we’ve tried to fight that one, as well. I do know that we have good distribution in a few of the larger book stores, like Barnes & Noble and other chain stores. Anyway, I did throw a few copies in the mail for dear old Dino today.
    Now, as far as our web site goes, Fuggetaboutit. Right now, the company has no resources to invest in the internet. And by the same token, I wouldn’t recommend uploading content that’s currently on sale anyway. If we give it away, who’s gonna buy the magazine? Fotunately, we’re holding our own, as far as advertising sales and subscription renewals, but that’s always subject to change. I just hope we can make it through the next few months, cuz I can’t wait to get to the office every day.
    Now, at the risk of seeming to ramble, youz guyz did a great job on the “Back to the Old Track” video. The music, the narration, and the sights made for some great entertainment. Kudos to all involved!
    Nuff Said!