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      quote dinotheweirdo:

      Latest ‘Gossip’ is Marcus plans to rebuild into “Mini-Mall” are NOT Finalized and May not do at all…with the economy and empty storefronts still vacant in the big Danbury Mall. So who knows? I have a call into the Town of Dover “Historian” , Donna Hearn. Awaiting a response. Wingdale is in The Town of Dover, They used to have ‘Dover Days’, a local “Fun-Day” festival. Hey, youd’e be surprised how these townships can tap into “grants’ or their own budget for historical programs…State & Federal. Waiting to see her Response. IT could be totally finainced with ‘other peoples money” Especially if you put in the mix, “title Sponsor” and associate sponsors.

      wanna shake her tree ??? write to:

      The cities of Long Beach and also, Escondido, have annual street fair-type car shows that bring lots of dollars to their coffers. Each one also features vintage front-engine AA/FDs cackling in all their glory to delight the crowds. Granted, historical Top Fuel cars aren’t in every other garage back there, but with the proper support (and scheduling) it could turn into a really neat deal. If you can, forward Donna Hearn’s complete mailing info to: with DOVER in the Subject line, and I’ll send her a back issue with my Long Beach (Bixby Knolls Dragster Fest) coverage. Maybe that’ll get her attention 💡