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Dino- thanks for posting that aerial view from back then. In the pics that I sent, there’s a pic of me standing in the burnout area; you can see where the color of the pavement changes, andea In one of the old pics I can lay everything out using the pavment shade as a ref point. Hopefully, u can post the rest. The ones that were posted are showing the return road, on your left in the pic. Other than that the landscape has changed so much its hard to know where everything was. Also I included a pic of the hill on the left side of the burnout area the stands were???? Also a pic of the curb. Got my pieces of the burnout area in a bag hanging over my desk!!!

BTW- a shameless plug- I’m working on a reunion of the alumni of the Pocono Drag Lodge in Northeastern, PA; I will be picking the reunion committee’s brains to get some ideas how to pull this off. So far I have gotten a lot of interest. The owner of the track is agreeable to having a meet at the strip!! Visited the strip last weekend and the site looks good with a little work. Working on getting some old radio spots for our DJ to play. Everyone will be invited. Anyone that would like to get involved, is interested or would like to help out in any way Please contact me. Sorry we couldn’t do something like this at Dover, but PDL is one of the few that still exist.

Thanks and keep up the good work

if it don’t go, chrome it….

Charlie Hulsizer 😆