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      quote storm king:

      Wow, Randy, I stayed in Santa Ana at the radisson overlooking John Wayne Airport when we came out for the world finals! I’m not in the habit of buggin’ magazine editors just because I’m going to California; not even Koch. We built the carbon fiber bumper for Hot Rod’s project Montego when Jeff was editor there some years ago. He featured it on H.R. T.V.; said it was his favorite part on the whole car. I don’t know, I just know the stock bumper was 44 pounds and ours was one pound, eight ounces!

      Jeez, I understand, but it still would have been cool to meet you. I’ve got more photos from the Night of Champions. Maybe you’re in one of ’em!

      Do you make any production peices, or are they all proprietary-type one-offs? I’m always looking for cool pieces for my “Bells & Whistles” (new product releases) section. Like I used to tell my first editor . . . I’m here to help ‘ya, not to hurt ‘ya.
      Cheers . . .