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    There are many opinions,from different people. I believe it was all those things contributing. First …any traclk loses revenue with low car count and lack of spectators. Gotta make it worth it or shut it down.Thats with anything. At that time competing tracks were offering more payouts. Dover wouldn’t come to the plate. Drag racing in general was going through changes as well. Bracket racing was introduced. Class racing was way too expensive. For a number of years we were losing potential racers to rhe Viet Nam war …And a whole bunch didn’t come back. Most Tracks were continually updating…Dover was not. Never had finish line score-boards, a decent sound system, the food concession was run Home style by the Lions club.They didn’t want to spend advertising money.In the end there was more money in Peat Moss than running a Race Track. Some people (racers-businessmen) offered to take it over and were refused. Also,the owners were getting old and lacked the vision and drive of a hot-shot promoter-Entreprenuer. Then there was the gas crisis (member that?)…the world was changing and Dover wasn’t changing with it. Gone were the days of “run -what -ya -brung. Drag Racing was becoming a business, you needed sponsors. The old Drag Racing Hot Rodders with home built machines were a thing of the past .I remember when guys would flat-tow with tow bars into the track or drive their racer in ,take off the hubcaps, and pull into the staging lanes with their daily driver ! BUT the Memories are there …Thats what this website is all about….Just like the beginning of the old Lone Ranger Show….”Journey Back in time with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear, with a cloud of dust and a mighty …….HI Ho Dover!!!!!”

    got carried away a little bit there…………………….