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      WE FINALLY GOT SOME DEFINATIVE INPUT….HERE’S what just came in from MIKE MANNION -“Family member” (Married Joe Archieres Neice)…Track Worker and corrected (Geezerville) Me on a few things! Thanks for the reply Mike !

      Hello Old Friend.
      Have been in Fla for the past month. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the trust.

      The track was closed for 1 reason. The auto emissions standards and gas prices were making the sport unactractive for the “STOCKER” crowd where Joe and Chet obviously made most money ( racer volume). This, combined with a fantastic offer to buy the property for humus peat and gravel processing made the closing and sale a “no brainer”. It was a boring demise compared to the story about an accident…… which has absolutely no merit. Joe and Chet knew nothing about drag racing, and couldn’t have cared less. They only looked at making money.

      Hey, if you ever re-do the web page, you need to make a correction on the audio. I never gave time slips at the quarter mile. That was done by Ron sombody…..who was usually stoned all day. I was in charge of the staging lanes and hot car pits during the morning time trials. A thankless job since everybody wanted more runs, and nobody thought they were being treated fairly! For the afternoon eliminations, I was in the tower with you and timer Frank Grice. I did the dial-in handicaps for the cars running for $$$ bucks.. Remember?? I loved working as much as you did. You were a great announcer and kept me amused all the time, and I credit you in a big way for Dover’s success.

      Thanks for your efforts to keep the memory alive. Let me know how I can help. Sincerely hope to see you again some day.

      So there ya have it …from the guy that Knows… “behind the scenes” ….Family member
      well sometimes I got some details mixed up ..but will correct! Thats what the Forum is about… hearing all the info from everybody !