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    Drake…is it really you???? Ok, like Dino says, put the coffee down and relax. Great to hear from you!….WOW.
    Your memory is incredible, especially of that fateful day of July 13, 69 and of what was to become known as the ‘Great Competition Eliminator Incident”. I had hoped that you would have forgotten by now. DRAT!
    The independent review board determined that a number of things occurred in quick succession during the period just prior to the race resulting in the error.
    1. The afternoon sun was beating mercilessly through the window of the Dover Nerve Center rasing the ambient temp to an estimated 115’ F.
    2. Dino was making us laugh with goofy stuff.
    3. Mike had lunch with Quater Mile Ron.
    Also, subtraction wasnt my biggest strength, especially when involving numbers containing the digits 7 and 9. Besides….what the big deal with .8 or .9 second mistake anyway?
    I have an old Dover trophy in the attic, will that suffice?

    Hey, I didnt mean any disrespect to Chet Anderson or Joe Archiere. I have been married to Joe’s neice for 40 yrs, and loved Joe tremendiously. We were a close family. How do you think I got the job? They were both good businessman and did what they needed to do. Unfortunately niether of them were racers or understood much about the sport. Joe always spoke very highly of you and your family and I knew that he was a friend..
    I am still living in New Fairfield CT, about 20 minutes from RT 6 in Carmel. Understand that you live somewhere near Dino and might be coming to Sam’s for the reunion lunch. I hope to see you both there if all works out right.
    So where is the Vindicator now? Are you or anybody in the family still racing? Is Carmel Ford still alive?
    Thanks for initiating the conversation. Thanks for the kind words. Great blog.
    Happy Thanks Giving to you and your family!