Sams water hole (bar)

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Bruce Hertel, 541 474 0010

      Sams place about 1 mile east of the strip, near the RR tracks is open again after 20+ years closed. Or at least it was open in 2006 when I was there. The amazing thing was — everything was exactly the same!! The bar, furniture, jukebox, & floor were unchanged from 40 years ago!! The same 60’s songs were on the jukebox, it was a “Time Warp” for sure! Maybe I was dreaming, so someone should go and take a Sunday ride in the country & verify!!
      When ever I won Middle Eliminator I would go there and give the check (usually a$100) to Sam and tell him to let me know when it ran out, he never did! Alot of guys drank on those checks and that was a lot of Sundays. Probably was the best time of the day, other than beating DeSantis in his Ford powered Coupe.