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    Hey guys, thanks for making me feel welcome!! Drake I do know Dink and Rich from 422. We’ve raced our NSS cars with them on many occasions. I’ve talked to Mr.Joniec before. He is a very nice man. Last year at Ford’s at Carlisle they had Mr.Joniec and Mr.Bonner there with the ’68 CJ cars. I was on the starting line at South Mountain Dragway when they both made a “parade lap” in their old Mustangs. Well I’ll tell ya’ Mr.Joniec hasn’t lost a step!!! Don Fezzel now owns both cars and gave Al the green light to stand on it a bit. I heard Don say “if it breaks,we’ll fix it!” He was just supposed to drive down the track but instead he did a quick burnout,dry hop and launched that ‘stang!!! Those old Blue Streak Goodyears hooked pretty good and actually but air under the front tires!!! I was standing 5 feet away taking photos and I’ll tell you it was cool!!! He got back to the trailer in the pits and was grinning ear to ear!!! There was rubber on the quarter panels so I took a photo of it. Mr.Fezzel walked over to me smiling and said, “you won’t see that again anytime soon!!!” It was cool to see that $250,000+ concours restored piece of history pick up the front end and do what it was built for. Just like Pomona in February of 1968!!! I considered myself lucky to see that in person.
    As far as I know the trail of both the Joniec T-bolt and LWG has gone cold and no one knows where they ended up.

    Drake any photos you can come up with would be greatly appreciated. Your cars were all sharp and ran good too!! I remember reading your adds in the old Super Ford magazine. Do you still mess with this stuff? I think your Logghe Mustang funny car ended up with Carroll Morris who does our machine work. He sold it to Larry Short but I don’t know where it went after that.

    Storm King your Dart is looking good. Do you think you will have it done for the NHRR next year? The Black Arrow stories are great. Sounds like Doc had the same problem Dave Strickler had. Everybody thinks they were Jenkins cars but they weren’t. He was the engine builder,tuner and sometimes driver but he didn’t own the cars!! This drives Mike Strickler crazy. Mike is Dave’s son and a good buddy of mine. He is also a drag racer and runs at Maple Grove weekly.

    The site is great and I plan on posting quite a bit!!