Re: 18th Dover Reunion,,


      Bobby’s SO right…..I moved away in ’93..missed most Reunions. And missed seeing some that are no longer with us. Have only recently got back in touch with “Smokey”and “Grover”. Thats 15 years I’ve been in N.C. and they have worked hard over the years. Should have done this site a long time ago. When did we have the internet back then ,though? We have hopefully pumped the word out about the reunion through the world wide web including posting on every forum we could find. From Pontiac Zone, Jalopy Journal, Competition Plus, DragList, Corral, DragStuff, DragRace Results, NETO, Sites for Chevelles, Mustangs, Gassers, Nostalgia Drag Racing, Racing News, CSRA and a bunch more I forget, the posting is on 26 sites reaching over Half million forum members ! .Plus we sent out direct mail to every club address we could find in N.Y. and Conn. and also sent press releases to 11 newspapers. . Smokey and Grover might not be aware of the scope of the internet .We hope it makes a differance ,Hey ,,,I’m even still working on a plan to show up. You guys are all over AND can help keep it going. TRY offering your help and getting envolved as “associates” to assist those TWO ,thay have a lot to do! .”How can I help” goes a long way. Heres First hurdle …find a Free ,donated location that benefits the owner…MOROSO has offered their whole place BUT it’s really out of the way in Guilford, Dan Emerson says “I can Make it Happen” so there’s support maybe not in the location BUT?—TITLE SPONSOR To pay for Expenses ?…Brian M. is scouting the actual Wingdale-Dover area…WHAT WE REALLY need is a “planning commitee and plan.” Take all your resources, pool them together and HIT THE NEW OWNER OF THE PROPERTY (Dover) with a offer he CAN’T refuse ! That’s just my idea…or find out how owns property on both sides, accross the street??? Smokey and Grover can’t do it alone so use the Reunion as a time to get together and “Plan the Attack” You’ll all be at the same place at the same time. IT’s their deal and no stepping on toes! WE have a lot of talent and “business sense and planning ” with The Dover guys …gained over the years ….Lets Do It !