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      Here is a little history on the car

      It statred out as a 1964 Dodge Factory Super Stock owned by Bill “Maverick” Golden. It then became one of the shortest wheelbase AWB Funny Cars of that time. Notice how the rear wheels are right at the back door and the other cars of the time were several inches back. I think the wheelbase was 96″. Maverick sold the car to Dick Carr in CA and he ran it for awhile before us. It had an injected steel block hemi with an Art Carr torqueflight and weighed 2400 lbs. The car did too many back bumper wheelies and a extended tube front end was put on with a 1965 dodge nose. I think the wheelbase went to 105″ and the car went straight as it could fr those days. We ran the east coast match race circuit and had a great time. Dave Hodgman and Mike Rothman were great guys to be with.

      Andy Panessa
      Carmel, NY

      quote dinotheweirdo:

      Found this In ODF Member’s Gallery (T.O’Shea Photo Collection)
      Question ? ? ? ❓ ❓ ❓ is this the same “plain busted” as new member on forum ??????Check in and reply Mr. ‘plain busted’ …need some info on car.