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      I contacted Larry Nutson on this…

      He was the crew chief on both Gramatan Dodges. Bobby Gallaghar had the first one and DNQ’d with it at at Indy in ’63. Jay came along with them as crew. Then Jay bought the other one. It was a “Ramchargers” car, but never ran by them, only used for exhabition and show purposes. They painted over the trademark red roof stripes and ran well with it.

      Larry thinks that the car in your pictures might be Bobby Gallaghar’s. If it is… then I rode in the shotgun seat all the way to the track in Westhampton and back while in tow with Larry in 1963 in that car.

      The two pictures that I have posted are not the same car. Both ’63 Gramatan Dodges were white and unless there was a paint job I would find it difficult to understand what you are showing us here.