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      “Jay’s 63” was white and an automatic–so forget the car with the 4-speed and darker color.
      When we got the car it was a Ramcharger team show-car and painted white with the red candy stripe roof. We painted the roof all white and campaigned it in 1964 with the “Art Dury ” scheme.
      We repainted the car for 1965 with a red upper body and white lower with a big Dodge “triangle” logo on the doors . The car was sold to someone in Ohio in late 1965/early 1966 which I distinctly remember since we trailered it out there in snow!
      We then got the ’66 street hemi which also was painted in the red/white scheme.
      The Bernella car is interesting since it appears to be a 2-door “hardtop” and the first Bobby Gallagher ’63 Gramatan Dodge was a hardtop, and not too many ’63 ramchargers were built that way! When Bobby sold that car it stayed in Westchester somewhere–Mamaroneck or New Rochelle –I don’t recall.