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      Thanks to all for the information, I found these pictures of the day we we picked it up from the Ardsley garages and had it at the car show in NY. What I remember was over the years when some racers looked at the pictures they mentioned it might be Jay’s. My friend Tom Bonacore from yonkers, he usto be on the crew with Charlie Castaldo, remembers some thing but like everyone else not sure if it was Jay’s. By all the information coming in guess it was’nt Jays because of the stick. Just put the pictures out there of the altered wheel base car and the pin striping on the dash, to see if anyone might remember it, it is easy to see what it was. Thought maybe the picture of it at Dover might blow the dust off the memory cells. It’s good to put a brain teezer out there once in a while.
      Thanks Larry,
      Bobby Schlegel