Re: ’08 Reunion ROLL CALL Who’s Going ?

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      Digger…They need your wit & sarcasm to put a smile on thier face. You’re the best ‘snappy – come back’ -er I ever meet! Bet ya don’t have your old cruise hat to wear.
      Remember the ORIGINAL SYCAMORE Cruise nights ….it was Digger’s idea ! That’s when we said “Where were you in ’82” (start of the ‘Summer Cruise’) Will post some photos of the Cruise in the ‘Car Guys ‘ topics soon. Understand from ‘Maso’ that new Forum member did something like we did Too !…heres the link:(from Maso)…

      “There is a news article today on the Internet about the “Woodward Dream Cruise”…

      This is the event that our good friend Larry Nutson and his buddies started in Detroit several years ago. Bravo…!!! Larry…! ”