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Hi Guys,
Just got back from my first Dover Reunion. What a good job they did of putting this together, very nice. Spoke to Smokey and he told me this will be the last one at Marcus Dairy. Met at lot of real nice people from back when and had a good time. Brain M. had some photo’s of me in his big collection from Dover. I took a few pictues for you guys,but don’t know how to attach them, but I will try.

Andy Panessa

[Dino here with Photo Post Help]: You save your photo in a file on computer, or plug your camera in… then when you post a new topic or reply …scroll down the compose message page ; See browse > click on after you’ve opened your photo file ..It should show up there, then hit the ‘Add the File ‘button. It shoud load …and make sure you preview befor submitting to see if your file size isn’t too big. Hope that helps.