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      This is What I wrote in the ODF Members Area….Pertaining to the mass of Photos we have From him:
      [This “little Buddy” of mine, Terry O’Shea, that took all these photos, had the smarts to catalog and save things in a safe and orderly manner. Hung out with him a lot ,and was sad when he passed. We both went to the ’67 & ’68 Indy Nationals together and he later became the “house” photographer for all the Fore”n” Aft rock clubs in Westchester County. AND so thankful his Brother ,Kevin ,didn’t trash his stuff ’til we could rescue it from a dirty old box in his attic and give it a new home. Also big thanks to Brian Marasco for converting to CD. I know Terry would be surprised of his new found legacy, hope we do him justice. Enjoy his Talent. “Picz by T.O’Shea “lives ]

      Basically met Terry at Dover as he was the Number one fan of the Shott Bros. (Shottgun Express”.) Where ever they went, Terry went. He lived in Rigdefield ,Ct. with his parents and worked at the Ridgefield Photo shop ,where he ran their darkroom. This was way before digital cameras. A perfect enviornment to process all his racing shots “after hours’. He first drove a neat blue ’57 Chev. convertable. Later ,a bright yellow ’69 Camaro,that we drove to Indy in. I did some early “custom Paint ” on it with spray cans …Orange Lace Effect. As a ‘card carrying ‘ Irishman…Terry was no slotch, when it came to partying. He could “Put ’em down” ! St. Pattys day – forget it ! He had a warped since of humor …and with a “Buzz on’ would have you holding your sides with his wit and silly songs he’d make up. Most might remember he had a bit of a stutter that disappered with a few beers- his choice of ‘adult beverages’….But that contributed to his Diabities problem ,being he was quite small in stature also. With Gil Shott,a bartender at the Fore’n’Aft north in Brewster,N.Y., where do the think he “hung out”?. I was working there Too, running the Light show at night and doing all thier Ad work during the Day. Terry took all the slides of the customers and Bands, that we projected during the band breaks. And they had him go to all four clubs.The original in White Plains, Brewster, New Rochelle and Westport. This was in addition to his regular job ,,,so he stayed real busy.So it was Terry & me at the track on Sunday and At the Club at night. He married Wendy Slater (Who I’m trying to track down),and I took HIS wedding photography.He taught me everything I know about that. Ya see , He did that on the side-Wedding Photography. He did Billy Casey’s Wedding and many other Dover Guys .His Diabities ,finally did him in ,passing away in 1985. BUT HIS FANTASTIC TALENT still brings back the Glory days of Dover. SO thankful we have his Treasure to share with everyone ,who are amazed at the HISTORY that he recorded. Really miss my little Buddy…………….