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      Andy, thanx for posting! That Black Arrow always gets me. I cannot confirm this, but a friend tells me that the remains of the car are still local; he saw it hidden away in a barn/shed. Can’t recall if he said CT or NY, but definetly local. The relatives of the guys who bought it and repainted it as “Storm King” are posting in the H.A.M.B. about the car absolutely got destroyed and was hauled off for scrap. Obviously conflicting versions here.

      My friend is Nick Tiberio. Now a retired cop now, he ran a ’63 Plymouth Max Wedge at Dover and surrounding tracks. They crashed it, then cut the roof off and went match racing with it. He swears that what he saw was the remains of the Black Arrow. Said it had been modified even further with the frontend moved up too and is in REAL BAD shape.