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      Looked at your website and boy that is a whole lot of cutting you have to do. If you need any photos of altered wheelbase funny cars for your prodject, I have many of them. The color photo by Bob Plumber is at the Super Stock Nationals at Cecil County, MD. I think it was 1966 or ’67? Thats my 427 Impala tow car next to the funny car. We made it to the semi-finals. The car was extended with a tube front end and a ’65 nose put on it. It was a 1964 Dodge purchased from Dick Carr with the aluminum nose. The car was first owened by Bill Maverick. When I spoke to him about 6 years ago, he said he sold the car to Dick Carr.
      The car went nice and straight after the front end was put on. The rear set-up was very simple and worked well, super stock springs and a pinion snumber.