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      Hi Andy! Thanx a bunch for the reply and for bieng just plain cool with talking about the AWBs. You are certainly correct, there is lotsa cutting/work ahead of me to even get my Dodge back on 4 wheels. No worries though, it’s a nothing 4door car. Nothing good going to waste here! I’m still young (just turned 30) and hopefully have plenty of time ahead of me to get it rolling again. Plan is to keep it as authentic as possible to ’68 or so.

      I would love to talk more AWBs and see whatever you might be interested in sharing. I will reciprocate if by chance I have anything that you don’t. There is a few yahoogroups for funnycars and match racers that you would probably enjoy if you are not already part of them. Most of those Mopars did (and still do!) work quite well with just the S/S springs and a snubber!