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      On that day…

      I was on the Internet playing online NHRA MAIN EVENT. I used to drag race on line with the name: “Mean Mojo”. I was good. That web site had an entry chat room that was always a lot of fun. I logged on knowing nothing… but I saw and was reading all this “End of The World” sounding dialog. I said WTF…!? They told me to go turn on my television… I did… I said Holy Sheee…IT…!!! Naturally, like anyone I was absolutely austounded.

      I have a cousin in Yonkers who had an office in the WTC. He is a commodaty trader. I waited until about 1:00 PM and called by telephone. He was okay. He got turned around on the subway system that my grandfather and great grandfather helped build as ditch diggers in the 1890’s. We talked for about 3/4 of an hour… What a conversation THAT was…

      After that, I went down to the local sports bar in Miami where I hang out and sat there with my buddie Lars Matson who is a retired HVAC union guy who is also a New Yorker. Lars worked on the construction of the WTC in the 1970’s and then later on the pipeline instalation at Prudhoe Bay on the north slope of Alaska. The bar room TV sets showed the devestation over and over again… a hundred times over. And you know what…?! We never got tired of looking at that spectacle. The magnatude of that event was so overwhelming that seeing it for the one thousanth time is just like seeing it for the first time.

      And… as long as I live, I will never be able to dismiss or explain the gut sensations I have of the images of those people who chose to jump out of the building rather that face the inferno inside.

      God Bless America…!
      Let the guilty pay…
      We won’t go away…
      Osama… yo’ Momma…!