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        here’s the latest greatest…Field Trip By Our Forum Members To Original Track Location Sat. Nov.1 2008

        Click Here …Quick Link : http://www.doverdragstrip.com/video/fieldtrip.wmv

        Click here for New Video Gallery Page :

        i spelled infiltrate wrong on the video, sorry guys…

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            Video Bob…

            That should say “You’ll HEAR more from them later” not HERE.


            I loved it… you did well to show us that. It sparks memories since we all drove that way into the place.

            I hope you guys had permission from the owners…

            You guys may go down in history as the first ever “Drag Strip Archiologists”

            The “Finish Line Pole” is interesting. Can you guys claim that for posterity…?



                didn’t catch that. i’m a computer geek! you want me to spell right, too? rofl, j/k.


                    Great job on the video!! Wish I could have made it that day. I went up there myself back in 2006, got a “souvenir” for the workbench too. A car show would be a neat idea….would the owners allow it? Imagine putting even a 1/8 mile track there now?


                        Great job Guys!!


                            Hey,Great job Pa Pa and Dino!!!!
                            I have all the fun, you guys do all the work!!
                            Brian and I will be out there again and we’ll have a few surprises on ”Field Trip Part 2″ !!!



                                Thanks for making the trip. It was 1973 for me once again !!


                                    Enjoyed the video. Don Keyser (D/S) and I (E/G & A/MSP) were talking about what the track must look like several months back. He was told that the track was pretty much intact. I looked it up on the satellite photos and It was hard to find but it didn’t look like there was much left. When I saw your video, that answered all the questions anybody could have. The video from the ground sure is much more detailed than the satellite photo.
                                    Thanks for taking the time and putting it up for all of us to see. Wish I was there or even better I wish the track was still there.


                                        Get Don on the Forum! and Do both of you have any more Photos OR FILM(8mm-VHS?)


                                            Don said he was going to checkout the forum. The only picture I have left taken at the track was of the ’37 Ford we put together in four days and ran in B/A.


                                                I popped this up to Remind you New Guys WHAT THE TRACK LOOKS LIKE NOW..this was originally in the Video section that you have to be logged in to access.It ocurred to me by the veiw count …many of you don’t “Dig in ” to all the gems bured in this forum..Brian And I toured the track the Day before Dover Fest March 19th in 2010. And it still looks like this…………..this is long so sit back …originally done 2008.Click on the link in the beginning of this topic and WAIT for it to load.

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