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      Heres an all Dover cover shot of the short lived 1320 news .May 29,1966 -Notice it says Drag Racings Newest..Anyone have other issues …these are rare.This one hi-jacked from Bobby Lagana’s Private photo album.


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        There’s Doc with the Injectors -Can’t see altered Wheelbase (1966?) ,Chevamoco ….But who’s in the Flintstone Car? No hood-No front bumper (taking weight off?) …will try to match up another papers Report on the day. DRAKE?…was it Bob Steel? ,later ran alcohol funny with Smoker Smith ciurcut ? Can’t find any info on 1320 News…anyone got any more ?with editor-address ,etc. ?

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          I think I know this…’Flintsone Flyer.
          I think Bobby S. mentioned on an earlier thread that the ‘Flintstone Flyer’ blew the
          hood of their car on an earlier run versus Doc..
          I’ll get back with the possible name..

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            It says “Flintstone Charger” not Flyer I researched Dave Koffel and he had a S/XS Barracuda injected there is no mention of a Plymouth/Dodge with the name Charger on it. But that car is familiar to me also.


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              Yes you are right,, I stand corrected…I jumped the lights a little too quick,,DQ’d. 🙂

              I think I’ve got it.
              The ‘Flintstone’Charger’ 65′ Dodge S/SA car was originally owned by Bob Ramstrom, out of Worcester. Mass. In 1965 it was red, and lettered “Bloodhound’, and sponsored by
              Yates Dodge, out of Worcester.
              I think it is Gene O’Neill, who got the car after that, re-painted it, and named it the
              ‘Flintstone Charger’. Gene was also out of Worcester, Mass.
              I think that is correct.
              Both Bob Ramstrom and Gene O’Neill got 1968 Hemi Super/Stock Darts in 68′.
              Wonder if either of them came to Dover with their Hemi Darts???

              Also, found a late-October 1965 photo of the ‘Black Arrow’ at a Cars Magazine event.
              The car had the injectors on it (may have been the first time with the Hilborn system).
              Also had red-steel rims with 10” slicks, which could have come from Bud ‘Hemi Honker’
              Faubel. Doc was applying the rosin on the track for the burn-out.
              Paul…Doing Homework Today 😉

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                Bob Steel’s Funny Car was also Called Flinstone Charger with same letter style.

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