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        Lost my job so time to sell some stuff!
        I did say sell, not give away some stuff!!!
        It’s in Ct.near Waterbury!
        First stuff is–
        2004 Mustang Gt, 5 speed, torch red, black leather!
        Bought off the floor at Tasca in Cranston!
        Only change was install Magnaflow exhaust!
        Car has “NEVER” been wet,NEVER washed,No dew, No rain, No wet road, NEVER wet!!
        All paper tags under the car are there!
        Oh,it has under 4,000 miles and it will not see any more this year !one oil and filter change!
        Always in a warm garage with a cover !!
        Someone give me a # and if it sounds good its yours!!




            Boy this economy sucks !!!


                Yeah…Somebody is gonna get a Cream Puff ! He hates to do it …His Tasca -Baby. Never WASHED ! Check the current ‘Book’ on THAT !


                    any luck yet VB?


                        OK …If nobody Buys it in a Resonable amount of time at reasonable price …I know ther’es guys here that can pull it off …WE START A raffle at $200. bucks a hit ..only 200 tickets ..printed something like that ? and PUSH IT what do ya think ? If He goes for it -“Just an Idea” ….”Dover guys help Dover Guys”…I do a Mass mailing to all 616 on forum for first shot. Whats it worth ? nada ????


                            I’ve got a idea… lets make a gasser out of it 😆 😆 😆


                                I agree with you TomatoHead This economy has gone down. Although v bob the Mustang looks awesome! too bad I’m only 12 right now! Keep Trying Never lose Faith in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

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