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      THANK VIDEO BOB !!!!!

      Get a bag of chips , its 30 + minutes long ,But, just like if you were there walkin’ around !!! we hardly editted much out .
      ‘Video Bobs’ candid 1/2 hr. walk-around video ,Recorded at the 18th Annual Dover Drag Strip Reunion & Car Show in Danbury,Ct. Aug.31 2008 . Find it in the video section of the forum:


      This Video is presented for the sole enjoyment of our website users.This entire website is covered by copyright protection. All rights reserved.That means nothing (content, images or artwork) can be copied or reproduced in any manner for commercial purpose without the explicit written permission of the site owner or original property owner.. However ,you are free to do so for your personal entertainment and enjoyment and if so, may display for non-commercial purposes.

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        You Can reply to this announcement ! Tell BOB what ya think .

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          Awards presented by D.R.A.G. for the show cars and other awards for drag cars like:die hard racer, Dover drag cars, drag cars other than Dover!!


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            Hey Guys I’m happy to report that Mrcus Dairy will kick off the car show season on April 25th. Just so you know that this is not a joke I’m Smokey’s son in law Jim. Many of you have seen me since the reunion started. I own the Purple Henry J as well as the Blue Buick that was parked behind Grover’s car this year at the reunion.

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              Hi Jim
              thanks for the up-date,
              just checked the site from work
              had classes on campus today so
              had to keep it safe with the sanders and plows,,
              (more sand). still missed my NETO meeting and
              have to pass on the fest too, 🙄
              again thanks,
              Bobby Schlegel

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                Hey Jim! Great to hear! We’ll be there.

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