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    Looking for information about my ’57 Corvette. Also looking for any owners before 1971. It was purchased in Yonkers in 1971. May have been a street racer there. Because it was close to Dover, it’s appearance and the fact that it had a roll bar, I believe it may have some track history. As far as I can tell, the car had a small block (but who knows?), headers, a roll bar that went through the passenger seat, some kind of traction bars, was a dark red or maroon color with a black interior, a Grant racing steering wheel and a Ramchargers-Mopar hood scoop. This scoop arrangement was odd for a Corvette! You can see much of this in the attached picture. The last owner I found says he bought the car in 1971, on a side street off Yonkers Ave. near the Argonaut Diner. The 1971 buyer’s name is Chuck Cartalemi. He’s a big car guy from Croton, so some of you may know him as an owner-driver of the Camaro drag car ” Rampage”. I see he ran at the recent reunion with that car. The owner after him came from Putnam, but I don’t know what he did with the car if anything. I’m hoping that some of you might remember the car or the previous owners and give me some history.
    I’ve also gotten some names of people from the Yonkers area who were into racing that might have known about the car, but I can’t reach them to ask. They are: Pete Spiak who with a guy named Al were into building crazy Vettes,( Al’s son might still own a bike shop in Yonkers), Frankie San Marco (owned a red ’57 Vette), Al Picarello ( built early Vettes, maybe in Mt. Vernon), Frank or Nick Toritto from the same area and a couple of Izzo brothers. Anyone ring a bell?
    Also, can anyone put me in touch with Flip Bonito who ran Flip’s Speed Shop? He may have a wheel and tire store in Yonkers or Mamaronek. He may recognize the car and know a previous owner.
    I’m attaching a picture of the car from 1971. Thanks for your help.

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    OK DOVER CSI ….Get to work…I’ll scan the Galleries .

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    I have Flip and Al Pic’s numbers ……….Send me a PM and I’ll reply with that info………….Don Kauer..

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    Hey guys look who got up, Kauer 😆 😆


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