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    Kudos on the BIG 60 !!

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    Just checked – 60003 @ time of this post …KOOL

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    Please excuse my internet ignorence, but what is the signicance of the number of hits? My wife and I got new cell phones yesterday and they don’t twitter, tweet, e-mail, text, pda, ipod or any of that stuff. We can make and recieve calls though.

    Pat (cave man)

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    Pat …My phone is simple too…I hate the texting thing …Why not just make a call…Too many electronic “Toys” so mommy and daddy can feed the tweens and teens peer pressure. I told my kid “You don’t NEED a cell phone” -you want one -but Don’t NEED it. Face Book has opened some doors for us, but the Tweet thing is dumb and Myspace is to give people with big egos, a free personal website. just my 2 cents. Hit counter just shows how many “Visits” to the site since inception…thats a lot ……I think with a forum of this nature. Fun to monitor…I break it down to how many go to the site by day…we’re pretty popular as far as forums go. Lot of traffic, posts and gaining guys regularly …cause we got good guys and content.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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