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        1963 Tempest,463 pump gas,edelbrock heads,2- 4’s, turbo 400,bop 4:10 rear, Ladder bar qa1 coilovers,Moroso front coils with qa1’s custom subframe,aluminum driveshaft,Willwood front disc,hurst 1/4 stick,8 pt. rollbar,and more. Oklahoma car with beautiful body(fontaine blue w/ ivory roof), all chrome and stainless near mint, tri-tone bucket seat interior w/ matching back seat and panels,non tubbed, street legal everything functions and much more. Car has been in magazines and used for E-Town pontiac day flyer cover. Only used once last year so I guess I should sell it. Can post pictures with help. $28,500. Ran low 11’s, should get in the 10’s with open exhaust. 845-222-4524


            Dino said: ‘got a Photo?’
            He Said;
            ‘Dino, sure do just having trouble putting it up??? Not getting it up!
            ‘Dino replyed…’Send e-mail I’ll do it ‘


                Hey Here it is -Nice!



                    That is a really nice car, the perfect nostalgia vehicle. Good luck selling it, you should get whatever you ask for it!!

                    ………………………..Mikey 😆


                        Mikey, thanks for positive on the 63, but your Willys is the car! looking forward to meeting you at the dover drag reunion. Working on making the move to sunny Florida, and getting out of the snow belt. Would like to get hit a few of the tracks down there when we make the move. Any info on the car/bike hobby in Florida would be appreciated. Thanks Larry


                            THE man in Florida among others is Rich at M&M Speed …see the forum at HIS website ….www.mandspeed.com then ther’es John Sachs and bunch of others .

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