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      Just in the last two weeks I’ve started looking for my old (c/mp, d/mp,e/g and finally s/g) 67 Camaro….Originally The Equalizer and 4 paint jobs later with tons of 1320 (and street) passes. I sold it …It was with me for 12 years..A guy from California, Rich Tilden, bought it and I ‘ve not heard of him or the car since……Pics of the car are posted on the DDS site under New Guys and girls……….It is the Camaro that is all red with Super/Gas on the window………..Rich if you happen to see this please contact me through this site. I’m an old man now and before I get too old to recognize anything I would like to know what happened to the car and maybe see a pic or two or whatever……………..Thanks in advance to anyone who has any info or can help with this project,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Don Kauer……..

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