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        Can you guys remember the 69 Camaros and the Driver that was at Dover?

        Thanks, Nikke


            Which ONE? there we a BUNCH! He guys …jump in here.


                Tom Valentine, Pied Piper
                Tom Valentine, Instant Insanity
                Bill blandings, MIMI
                Speed freak
                Jim Sinsel, Farmer
                Moe Delage, Ridge Runner
                Heaven Forbid
                Casey, Super Pumpkin
                Doze mini Grovler
                Mr Z/28
                Yellow COPO (no name)
                Jim Mazzola, MT Kisco
                White Conv, JK


                    JK….Joe Kenney…Lee Valentine & Casey (Pumpkin) on forum…Moe still around..Speed Freak: Louie Sauli & Frank Mengler …Vitar, Farmer & MiMi only came in for HHRA points Meet …Most aof all can be found in our 3000 shot Photo Disc OR in 4000+ shot ODF PRemium Members Galleries. Also Try putting in key words to search feature…You’ll be amazed at ton of stuff ALREADY Here …just got to dig it out. Dino

                  Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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