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        I know it’s almost the end of the season,so maybe easy projects for the Spring?
        The 1969 Camaro was my brothers car.It runs mid 10’s.Lots of expensive stuff in it.It’s been sitting in the garage since my brother died unexpectedly in ’07.If anyone’s interested in knowing more,I’ll hook you up with Bobby Herman,who knows all the details.
        The 89 mustang belongs to my son.It’s taking up space in my driveway and it needs to go.He rents and already has 2 cars at that place.This one runs 9’s.The home track of this car was Lebanon Valley.If anyone’s interested in this one I’ll give you my son’s contact info and you can find out what you need to know about the car.
        Email me @ saleen338@msn.com.Put Dover in the subject line.All my mail is filtered and automatically goes to the junk pile.


            Hi Billy here … thinking of doing a clone of my 69 camaro ‘Super Pumpkin … can you tell me more about it …Billy


                YES …Do it -do it ! got 3 weeks to paint and letter it ….All Hands on Deck …Contact Casey Engineering ! Be on the trunk as “Super Pumpkin Booster Club Member” !….”this Memory brought to you by the Dover Guys “


                    Asking 11,500$ -21,000 original mile drag car. Has been a race since brand new and has minimum street time.-9176970125 or revinkevn@yahoo.com
                    1989 FORD MUSTANG LX
                    680 Horsepower 9.70 @ 140 ¼ mile 6.20 1/8 mile
                    Engine-302/.30 over. Balanced and Blueprinted Sportsman Block. Block O-ringed
                    Paxton Novi 2000 Supercharger 21 Lbs of boost/boost recall guage
                    Ross rods, Keith Black Pistons, Hardened Crankshaft, Clevite bearings
                    7 Qt Moroso Deep sump oil pan, Castrol synthetic 5w 50 oil + prolong used at all times
                    Milondon high volume oil pump
                    Ford EPEC high performance tunable computer
                    Tune Done by Larocca’s in New Jersey, just before the entrance to englishtown
                    Weldon fuel Pump, Paxton Filter and Housing(rated to 1000 HP)motor will not starve @ topend
                    3 Gallon Fuel cell and Boxed aluminum
                    Batter mounted in rear and boxed as well
                    Charging posts and covers mounted on rear bumper cover
                    N.H.R.A. Approved shutoff switch mounted on rear bumper
                    8.8 rear, Full spool, 3:55 gears, T/A girdle, upper and lower fully adjustable Control arms
                    Driveshaft safety loop
                    31 spline Motorsport axles
                    N.H.R.A. Approved long wheel studs
                    Maximum Motorsports Panhard bar installed after 4 wheel alignment
                    Centerline lite racing wheels(10”) with 3” skinnies and M/T drag 28/10
                    Line Lock mounted on shifter
                    Dynamic Mighty Mite C-4 Transmission with trans brake/matching 9” converter 4800 launch
                    Ultra Bell housing/ N.H.R.A. Approved shield
                    Trans cover/N.H.R.A. Approved
                    B+M cable shifter with reverse lockout/ Rmvb N.H.R.A. Approved
                    Electric fan
                    Moroso electric water pump
                    3 row griffin radiator
                    MSD 7AL
                    Edelbrock Victor Junior Heads Fully ported and Polished/ 2.02/194 valves
                    Kenny Bell volt regulator and Boost a Pump
                    72 Lb injectors
                    Holley Systemax Intake/ fully ported and polished upper and lower with gasket matching
                    90mm Accu Fab throttle body
                    88mm Pro M mass air/extra large filter
                    4” intake tube from air cleaner from air cleaner to Blower
                    Heat sensor and gauge for the no. 7 cylinder to measure air fuel ratio
                    Cam- comp cam Custom grind done specifically for this car and custom tune
                    Full N.H.R.A. Certified Roll cage/6pt harness
                    MSD digital playback tach 5 ¼ face and full gauge cluster, fuel,oil,trans temp,fuel/air etc…
                    4” lift off cowl hood with safety clasps/ sheet metal rear wing
                    50/50 90/10 lakewood drag shocks and struts Adjustable caster camber plates
                    3 gallon water cell mounted with all plumbing for Vortec Igloo air to water intercooler 646265-1751 revinkevn@yahoo.com

                    * Location: New York


                        quote Billy Casey:

                        Hi Billy here … thinking of doing a clone of my 69 camaro ‘Super Pumpkin … can you tell me more about it …Billy

                        Billy,the email you gave me doesn’t work. 🙄 It bounced back.My son has pics of my brothers 69 camaro.I wanted to forward them on to you.
                        June & Rudy


                            Hi June .. donbilcher@cox.net

                                quote Billy Casey:

                                Billy,I gave my son your email.He has the pics of the car and he’ll send them directly to you.


                                    Hey,bumpin this up.These 2 cars are still available.The kid came down on the price of the 89 mustang and it’s less than the parts and goodies that are on the car.My brother’s Camaro is still sitting in the garage.It needs a new owner to race it.It’s ready to run.I’d love to see my bro’s car back in action.Thing is,my sil has not advertised the car at all.Pass the word,someone out there must want a car that needs nothing except a custom race seat fitted to them.Thanks…


                                        Send Me Photos ! I’ll Post ’em Big


                                            Who Much for Chebby ?


                                                I think Dino meant how much, I second that,”How Much For The CHEBBY”???? 😮 😮 😮 ……Mikey


                                                    Don’t honestly know Dino.I’ve asked my sil more than once…………………..I don’t think she knows what to ask for it ❗

                                                        quote mikey:

                                                        I think Dino meant how much, I second that,”How Much For The CHEBBY”???? 😮 😮 😮 ……Mikey

                                                        Here’s some info I just got from my sil.383 Gary Hetler built,dynoed at 585,10 passes on the motor,Wilbrand 4 wheel discs front and back,aluminum steering box,aluminum radiator,vacuum pump crankcase?,12 bolt spool,(she thinks 456’s) ladder bars,QA-2 adjustable coil overs,Jericho 4 speed with McCloud dual disc clutch,2 fiberglass hoods,extra set of slicks,plexi-glass windshield,car color is eggplant.(thats purple for those who are color impaired)I know there’s a lot more stuff on the car,but this is all she has written down.


                                                            sil…..= Sister in law -right .?

                                                                quote dinotheweirdo:

                                                                sil…..= Sister in law -right .?

                                                                Yes sir 😉

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