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    here is my project/daily driver. it a v6 bought wit the plan of either supercharging or to turbo but to many problems to get to that point. I’m currently trying to replace the head gasket on it but having a hard time getting the the cylinder heads off and the exhaust manifold.(If anyone whats to give a hand send me a price because i cant figure it out) im hoping to fix this and drive till the summer and than build my first street car. Also if anyone nose of a good machine shop in the dover/ct area thaat would be helpful to . i hope you enjoy the 4gen camaro 😆


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    Oh …the guys KNOW froim Machie Shops..But whats you location? We’ll send ya in the right direction And MAYBE even send our Road Suid Assistance Mechanics…If you’re in western Ct or southern N.Y. Contact Don Kauer …just go to members >”D”, or click on his user name, when you see it … to go to his (OR Any Forum Guys User Name ) Profile for EMail or Private Message .

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    update on this project it running and done still overheating replace the temp sensor, head gasket , flush radiator have no idea why it still running hot but it runs and it running better then before. Starting a new project soon and it a import .Im going to doing a gsr turbo crx . i will be doing this at HOAP garrage in prospect ct. IM done with the domestic for a while a little to complexed for me and all my teaching and resources are in the import world. going to keep this car as a daily driver and crx will most likely be track /weekend car ill post pics once the build has offically begun but still looking for a decent shell

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