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        An old story,
        A Dover regular for many years is running, I think D/G.
        Well, one day during eliminations he pulls up to the line with the same car he’s been running for years.
        And for some reason gets DQ’d on the line (specator side).
        Not sure if was Chariie or Al or who.
        Well he flips out, Leaves the starting area, and heads out through the staging lanes through the entrance area, and down to Pleasant Ridge Road, in a “wild ride’.
        Leaves his wife, truck and trailor in the pits.
        Somebody in the tower, I think said ‘there he goes’ or ‘somebody better go get him’.
        He procedes to do a few ‘line launch burn-outs’ on Pleasnt Ridge Road, in front of the track entrance.
        Then headed home, with his Gasser, with open headers and slicks, and left his wife to drive home with an empty trailor.
        ONE COOL GUY!
        Don’t think he ever came back.


            I flipped out there once with Joe T. and left there in handcuffs I never returned to run at Dover anymore 🙁


                HMMMmmm…Sounds Familiar Don …Handcuffs, me too, BUT here we are back again. About that D/Gasser…If you told us what kind of car & color…we might all figure out who it was. And the referance to “Wild Ride” ..wow…That line is a chorus in our Dover Days song…”it was a Wild,Wild Ride”…getting a little Twight Zone here. Opps- thats a Another referance-Lagana. Funny how things tie together.


                    Could that have been Al Hoffman? Sounds like something he would have done. …………..Mikey 😆


                        I’m not sure, but maybe a 56′ or 57′ Chevy.
                        My mind says dark-gray or primer colored.
                        it was definitely a Gasser.
                        I still remember, him pulling up to the line.
                        Maybe Joe T. waves him off, because he did one burn-out too many, or something like that.
                        They scream, he gets back in the car, flies through the burn-out area, and out through one of the center staging lanes, weaving through the parked racers.
                        Hits the Entrance Booth area, and flies down the hill to Pleasant Ridge Road, dust and dirt everywhere.
                        Then does a couple of monster burn-outs on the road, back-n-forth too. A Great Show! One of Dovers Finest Off-Road Moments.
                        He then headed out towards Route 22, never to be seen again.
                        I’m guessing maybe a Brewster resident.


                            Dino or whoever. Who was the guy looking for info on L78 Nova’s? In the August issue of “Super Chevy Magazine”, There’s an article on a “DOVER NOVA” The car was raced at Dover from 1973 to Oct. of 1975. The owner was/is Vince Pileggi, helped out by his brother-inlaw, Richie Lobus, and a friend named John Pascale. The owner now lives in California. Just an FYI. ………….Mikey 😆


                                That would be Jason’s L-78 Nova SS396

                                Also, Joe T, I guess didn’t care who you were. If I recall, that Gasser (whoever he was) was at Dover pretty much every Sunday for a bunch of years.
                                If I recall, Joe T. even DQ’d my father in his K/S 67′ Cuda, for having the back seat down.
                                Later found out the guy he was running, was a new member of F.T.A. He got an O.C.T. trophy run.

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