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        I had a wonderful dream last night and I have to share it with all my friends on the DDS site , it’s called the MAN’S FAIRY TAIL ….. once upon a time not that long ago in a land not so far away , a young man was so in love with a beutiful young women , one night at the drive in he asked her to marry him …. SHE SAID NO …. and he lived happily ever after … he went Drag racing every week , rode motorcycles , drank alot of beer and scotch , had alot of money in the bank , left the toilet seat up , etc. etc. ….. THE END now isn’t that a wonderful story …. sweet dreams … Billy


            Don’t Drink Egg-Nog Before you go to bed


                Excellent Billy……………………How f—— true………………Don……..


                    I have an even better dream only it is not a dream it is the way it was. I met a lady that built aircraft wings and I got to fly the airplanes when they were done. we started to see each other. I built a V8 Vega for the street and on one of the times we went out I took her to the drag strip. I could take her as a passenger at the time and at first she said
                    ‘too fast”. By the end of the first night of racing she was saying we need to go faster if we are going to win.
                    That was the start of our racing together. About a month later she wanted her own car. Than it was I want a faster car so you should get a faster car and give me yours. That worked pretty good as we grow into racing every week. it just got better and better. One year we raced 42 weeks in a row at two different tracks, every Friday and Saturday. We even took two years off from working to do nothing but drag race. We went to NHRA and IHRA national events and divisional races.
                    At Christmas and birthdays it was “What do you want for your race car and this is what I would like for mine.”
                    Well we ride motorcycles, we each have our own bike to ride, she knows how to put the seat down on the toilet, we have done our share of drinking but the one thing we don’t have is a lot of money left in the bank.
                    we have kind of retired from racing now but we still play with our little Mustang.
                    THE END…. now I think my story was a little better because I have a close friend that I was able to share the fun with and we still have fun together. Mater of fact I just got off the phone with Jeg’s, It’s is Christmas you know.
                    😆 😆 😆
                    Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy New Years


                        TOM , TOM , TOM , do you really think we are going to believe that 🙄 … Your dreams are as good as mine 😆 😆 😆 …. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR… Billy


                            Hey Willie pay me 20 buck’s or i’ll tell Donna


                                Do your really think that Donna doesn’t know by now……..Look how long she has been with him…………….Billys favorite quote when he is with Donna and they run into someone that they don’t know…….” I’m Bill and this is my lucky wife Donna”…………………………………………………Don Kauer

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