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    I first raced at Dover with a 63 Falcon Sprint I bought from a guy named Timmy Dunn ,he lived in Katona across the street from the Citgo gas station next to the funeral home ,I used to pump gas there ,Dino you probably know the place ,anyway my buddy worked at the garage doing repairs and told me about the car ,anyway got the car for $75 bucks 260 4 spd drove it home at 100 mph no plates or nothing right pass the trooper braracks in Somers right to the farm !!! pulled the motor and put a 302 ,Holley carb 351 heads and a scattershield and some traction bars and I was on the track at Dover!!! 😀 and that was 1976 .after Dover closed it was on to Lebanon Valley Dragway ………………………………tomato


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