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    Got a hold of the Cursando family. They visited and raced at Dover from 70′ thru 72′. Left the northeast and moved to Arizona in 73′. They say they have a bunch of photo’s (mostly American Motors stuff). Told them to add them to the site, or mail them to you, to add to the collection.
    Bobby S. will like some of the AMC stuff. Mike Cursando actually worked at
    Geis Buick/Rambler, in Shrub Oak. Worked the gas pumps (Sunoco) in the front of the
    dealership, and also did parts delivery for them. Bobby S., do you remember Mike.
    Bobby S. if you read this, they supposedly have pictures of your Rebel Machine on the trailer at Dover, with the Geis tow truck. Also, the car on the trailer, behind the Geis dealership garage (in the back).
    Mike had one of the few AMX’s that ran at Dover. 1969, 390 4-speed, dark blue, with white center stripes and factory side exhaust.
    Dino, what address should we send the photo’s to?


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    WE HAVE A “CONTACT PAGE” …link on home page …Also posted a Contact Post…..

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    Hi Paul

    took a few but do remember Mike,
    he should also remember Bob & Earl Jenesky?
    the were brothers who worked for Mr. Geis
    in the shop and ran the tow truck,
    bet they have some great memories of Howie
    who usto run the parts dept., real great guy,
    was friends of Mr. Geis also. can’t wait to see pictures of our machine
    since I only have about 4or5, my brother lost over 6 rolls when they were
    getting developed through Barkers dept store on rte 6 in cortland.

    When the AMC folder 😉 is done I have pictures of AMX’s from e-town
    s/s meet that can get added.

    thanks for the work on the pictures,
    MANCINI mopar parts has those headers ready for mom’s car 😈 😈

    bobby s.

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    Found this in ODF Galleries …theres more!…think it says Westchester Automotive on bottom of door.


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    HEY ODF…I remember the American Rat A/MP 😎
    I ran against it at Dover in 69 or 70 with my Action Rat A/MP 😎
    anyone remember which Rat won 😕 …I know 😉

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