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        AUG ! 08

        Been so busy keeping up with the site updates, answering the phone and forum requests, packing up the shirts, and all the rest …..I kind of Forgot something..

        T H A N K Y O U
        ….to all the Dover Guys, for making this happen. Hey, we just built it. didn’t know if it would fly.. gave it a shot …. and well, you can see the hit counter on the home page ,and scroll down and see how many “WE” have become .

        IT’S your site …you make it come alive…keep the memories coming and a special thanks to my “mechanic & crew chief “— Leon, who you know as ‘papasmurf …i’m just the director…he’s the one that put all the parts together and ‘fired her up ‘

        “Pedal’s to the floor hear his dual quads drain
        And now the four-thirteen’s really startin’ to strain
        He’s hot with ram induction but it’s understood
        I got a fuel injected engine sittin’ under my hood
        Shut it off, shut it off buddy now I shut you down”

        ………………….’Shut Down’ Beach Boys 1964


            Wow….How we’ve Grown ! ….since I first posted this ….Ment it then and mean it more now ….. 😀 Thanks again!


                Brought this back …STILL MEAN IT …more today ! …as we approuch or First year anniversary- July 10…thanks again …hoping to get 30000 hits for a birthday present and we’re up to 456 on the forum ! when I last posted in this topic we had 190……wow


                    Actually he was “wild” with Ram Induction, not “hot”!

                    Wild fantasy song anyway, never did see a ‘vette’s tailights!


                        like the Beach Boys THAT much….eh Storm ? Did you Ever run a Vette…? wrong class for them -right?


                            Right, they were in the wrong class. They were in LOWER classes for the most part. That means they were never a match for a max wedge, let alone a hemi.

                            We had some dweeb show up at our house late one night with a bunch of his buddies. This guy was from Ohio visiting family in N.Y. They brought him over to race us on the street for a hundred bucks. Of course the whole reason our Dad took us racing is so we wouldn’t race on the street, and to my knowledge, niether Bill or I ever did.
                            Anyway, their story is that “this is the fastest fuelie ‘vette east of the Mississippi” (Do you remember people saying that frequently, that this car or that was “the fastest -fill in the blank- east of the mississippi”?) Our whole family had already gone to bed; so this group of hoodlums woke us all up. My Dad came downstairs and said, we won’t race you on the street, but I’ll race you at Dover off each cars’ national record, for titles. Dad said, I’ll even pay your admission.
                            So stories are flying all over town about how this Ohio kid is going to beat the Storm King. He had his car at TNT ignition, the local place for kids that didn’t know how to tune to get a performance curve and carb job done. More stories about how that alone would do the job.
                            We got to the track and the kid makes some passes with the “fastest fuelie ‘vette east of the Mississippi”, and it runs somewhere in the mid thirteens, as I recall. We were running mid twelves. He of course wants the handicap, but Dad said off the national record, which for his car was modified sports. I don’t recall what mods he had done to it, but I do remember it was classified a “modified sports” car. Which had a record lower than ours! So he’d have to give us the handicap!
                            He left the track and that’s the last we saw of him, or heard any more stories or rumors about “the fastest fuelie ‘vette east of the Mississippi”.
                            I’ve never had any respect for Corvettes. It’s a cheap car for picking up even cheaper women. 🙂
                            I’ve got another story about Bill and I having to make a fast run for Race hemi parts to Centolanza Brothers at Mountain garage one evening right before supper. Mom told us to hurry up, so we took her GTX instead of Bill’s Road Runner. We ran past this 427 four speed vette on 9W going over Storm King mountain on the way to Highland Falls. He thought we were trying to race him and tried to pass us back. My Mom’s GTX outran AND out handled the vette. He gave up after a few turns we ran at close to triple digits. Of course the driver does pay a part, and Bill was a pretty good wheel man back then.
                            Woo-Hoo, all that from the Beech Boys!


                                Ok…….Chapter 6 of Storm Kings Race memories…Whew! love storms recolections of “how It Was” …Oh -you’re too close to BEECH Bend ….its beAch boys. ……………………………………….good vibrations……………


                                    QUICK…I NEED MY BOOTS AGAIN 😆


                                        ……………..uh-oh Isense a grudge race brewing……..Action -vette and Storm-hemi….Oct 18 ….run what ya brung….Hey ,lets put em both in rental cars – 😆 Same cars -heads up


                                            😎 ..have them equipped with air..satellite radio..leather seats please.. 🙄

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