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        my name is Jim Secor and I started going to Dover when I was 10 or 11 years old. At one point I had a ton of pics from the 60’s when I was involved with an a/mod. car with two guys from Beacon N.Y.. At that time a group of us had a club called the Southern Dutchess Timing Association that had a few cars and names you might remember. In my late teens I worked at the track with a good friend of mine named Dave Laffin who owned a brite red 1968 427 Impala SS. We used to work the finish line, he used to talk to the tower and I used to hand out the slips and wipe the numbers. Later on in the early 70’s I helped build and maintain a 56 Nomad that ran c/mp and two seasons later a 55 Nomad in c/mp also. Both cars were owned buy a person who I worked with and became very good friends with. Steve has since passed awwy but we used to see one another once in a while and Dover always came up sooner or later. I have some scrap books that have pictures of the track from that era if any one is interested. Chris Feola is a good friend of mine and we were having a couple of beers last nite and this is what we were talking about. In fact he lent me a cd of all the cars from the track, , I’m going to slip the disc in now and enjoy. Thanks for your time, Jim Secor Sr. Thanks again.
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                I think he’s the same Jimmy Secor that used to hang out at Angelo’s Body shop, was friends with Art Hanna, and the Steve I’m thinking about was a UPS driver. He and I used to hang out sometimes, and I think his wife is Annie, used to work the bar at Touponse Bowling Lanes. Yea, he’s the guy! Hey Jimmy, how ya doin’? Hey Jimmy, wanna drag? Sorry, I don’t smoke! And I belonged to the SDTA, and I lettered “Fluffy’s”(Dave Laffin)57 Chevy. I posted some pics of the guys in the club. I worked at Dover with Harry Harrison, after Dave quit. My first wife Wendy, a friend of your wife, worked in the tower as a handicapper. Didn’t you have a Body shop at one time, or was that your brother Dave? ……….Mikey 😆

                P.S. PM me, we need to catch up, I’ll give you a phone #.

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