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        I’ve been on the road for the last week, so am just catching up.
        My sincere condolences to the Casey family. I didn’t know Bill. Only remember hearing “Super Pumpkin” this and that over the PA system all those years ago.
        But as we’re saddened by the news of Bill’s passing, while being thankful for an end to his suffering, there is more good news of other Dover vets.
        Competition PLus has done a great article on the Laganas:
        A great read I’m sure all here will enjoy and celebrate with them.
        I am so glad they stopped in at the Dover reunion in Wingdale and Bill and I had a chace to meet and talk to Booby for a while. I really enjoyed the meeting, and like the guy.
        Go get ’em boys! Hey, maybe we could pass the hat amoungst us and send them some traveling money in excahnge for a Dover Drag Strip logo on the car?


            They Had Dover All over the car one year at Rockingham ,and Runor has it that they were trying to get “Casey Engineering”on the car for Today.

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