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        Gerry’s on here now…So here’s a blast from Dino’s “WayBack” machine. Comp. Elim. Meet -early 70’s Ad in Event Program…Rich M. -take it from here :



            I remember the Newburgh store….they were in comp. with Ed’s Custom (17k or upper Broadway) and Ken’s Speed shop on lower Broadway. Imagine…three speed shops in one small city, times really changed. Jegs, Summit and the internet took over.

            Bob Smith


                i to remember all 3 of thoose speed shops bought from all of them. automotion had a shop in kingston after the newburg closed up where have the years gone.


                    Do you remember when Jocko had a speed shop on Upper Broadway? Tony Chickery worked there for a while. What years were the other speed shops open? I moved to Tennessee in early 74, and don’t recall them.


                        I used to hang around Automotion in Newburgh, I knew the counter guy, Al Ellish. We took a drive one day up to Total Performance to get some parts for my T bucket. Mickey told me I was crazy for putting a 440 Mopar in a T because ” a small block Chevy looks so much nicer”. To this day I’ve never bought a Total Performance part.


                            Ok Guys:
                            Ulster Auto AKA AutoMotion of Kingston was Joe’s 1st and largest of the two stores. Joe was in a wheel chair but that didn’t stop him from running one the best speed shops in the Hudson Valley! His brother-in-law Jerry was his right hand or maybe I should say legs. Together they a made great team. It was originaly named Ulster Automotive and they also sold wholesale to most of the shops around. Back then all the larger shops bought direct, M&M included and we bought and sold back and forth. You could buy Mr. Gasket, Edelbrock, Rocket, Kustom, Hooker, Headman headers and more at a very low buy in, if any. Jegs & Summit were just other speed shops, out west some where. I’m sorry I don’t remember their last names maybe Vic, Pat or somebody will. Joe and Jerry were GREAT guys and good friends! I don’t know if Joe is still with us, but maybe Dino can track down Jerry?


                                Rich I can fill in some blanks Joe Cornelski died some years ago shortly after he opened up a bigger more modern store that also did some installations. His brother Bill also worked there. Jerry Duffy is still around and is running Technical Coatings a powder coating company in Kingston. He sponsers the MG, I see him often and he is on the site. Automotion closed its doors about 6-7 years ago.



                                    Thanks Pat:
                                    I’ts bitch getting old! lots of blank areas! It’s all comming back now I could only remember Joe had a Polish sounding last name. I never met Joe’s brother only Jerry. If you see him (Jerry) tell him I said HAY.

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