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    Any attic mice running around with the 66′ Biscayne wagon. The ‘Bad Banana IV’
    A 427/390HP engine, the car ran in SS/J in 70′ (?). Owned by Ted Hartman, from
    upstate-western New York,,town of Salamanca. Had the staggered front-end and few other tricks. There is a photo of his car at Dover, spectator-side..coming off the line..
    Now I have to go search the site…

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    Heres a Banana for ya :


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    Gracie’ Il Duce’,,,
    Thats one Bad Banana,,
    Really, there were a few of them..Hartman Chevrolet,,Salamanca, New York..The Bad Banana originator. The 66′ Biscayne ‘Bad Banana IV’, I guess ran F/S and then SS/J, in
    69’/70′ ?? Another 427 cubed wagon,,,like the “Pied Piper” (Mr. Valentine)..
    The yellow 66′ wagon was at Dover,,like all famous cars should have been 😀
    Frank Iaconio,,was a visitor,,too…Thanks for the lead to the other thread,,Let’s see,
    An Italian from New Jersey, goes to York, PA with a yellow 57′ Chevy,,races and wins at the
    Super Stock Magazine Nationals with a car called the ‘Banana’,,and takes home a
    69′ Cougar Ram Air Cobra Jet….AHHHHH,,Americana at its Finest 🙂
    Paul,,,Paci Galoop..

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    ‘Bad Banana IV’,
    Was Ted Hartman’s 66′ Biscayne Wagon was his last of the Banana Family race cars.
    The yellow 66′ wagon, was a regular at Niagara International,, but Ted did hit Dover a few times 69’/70′. Yellow w/charcoal American Torq-Thrust mags..A big ‘US6′ on the rear quarter. A 427/390HP car,, with the staggered front-end (5″ off-set)..Ran in SS/J
    versus 69’ Z-28’s and 383 Road Runners.
    From Salamanca, New York,,,,WHERE???

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