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        looking for standard bore 427 chevy pistons. cr 10.5–13.5


            Call RCE Machine…….Lloyd Reilly…………………..860 3254 6976……..Lots of used BBC stuff……


                For a STD. deck or the raised truck block?


                    standard deck


                        You’ll be better off calling JE and having them make you a set. I just got through building a #’s matching 1967 L-88 427 and luckily it was a virgin block with a std. bore and I Looked for 2 months for a set of pistons for it and came up with nothing. I found lots of junk Std. pistons with bad skirts, screwed up ring lands, and domes that looked like hand grenades were thrown at them. There’s a guy on ebay that has .030 over pistons I can find his name if you want to go .030 over.
                        The .030 over pistons are easy to find.

                      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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