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        JUST IN -BEELINE WILLYS PURCHASED BY Member of Gezzers Gassers-Illinois

        Hi Dino,
        I just purchased the 1940 Bee-Line Willys.
        I also own the 1939 Jack Merkel black Willys.
        Do you have any old photos of these cars?
        I am also looking for contact info on Al Zaborrinni and Jack Merkel.
        Any help you can provide would be appricated.
        I have seen the pictures from the 2009 Dover reunion.
        Thanks in advance.
        Ron Normann
        815-648-1700 shop >

        Called Ron and he Plans to Update it AND RACE IT! could he show at our Nostalgia Drags ? …good possibilty.See his other cars ,he runs all the time at:

        His other cars are:
        *’41 Willys Coupe
        Powered by Blown 427 ci Chevy 671 Mooneyham Blower
        Turbo 400 transmission with B&M torque converter
        Ford 9″ rearend 4:10 posi
        Steel bodyThis ’41 Willys was created to be shown at the SEMA show to display the Sherman-William new “Flip-Flop” paint
        It has been returned to it’s “Gasser” roots for nostalgia racing
        One of 6 cars originally raced by the Airoso Bros. from Tulare, CA
        *Hairy Hauler

        ’41 Willys Pickup
        Powered by 350 SB Chevy
        Transmission: T-350 trans
        60 Olds rear end
        The Truck was originally raced out of California as the “Lettuce Hauler”. It was once owned by the “very famous” Harvey Nauman of New York. Very old school set up, original 60's American real magnesium wheels, old moon fuel cell, vintage sun tach. Best run so far is a 11:10.


            Just Hooked Ron Up with Peter Maple And Ron IS NOW AN ODF ! watch for his user name KINGWILLYS. He also is getting some photos sent to him .Heres A new One I found in Lee Valentine collection ! Brother Kane must have took it way back !There’s Al giving her a drink!



                Wow Dino that’s one picture I have never seen, Uncle Al looked great. Hey Gene who is that leaning over the injector? Thanks, Peter


                    Pete that is Johnny Lopiano


                        Now is if you can fiuger out whos foot is hanging ouy the door


                            Hey Ant, that is Jerry Kennedy for sure. Peter


                                and you can tell that how!!! is the (dockers)


                                    Ron ….Just checked in …looks like he’s so busy with his race Schedule and many Projects that the Willys won’t get completed til after winter .He’s Doing it right though …Will install a authentic Blown Olds motor…already researched and found some. He starts Racing his others cars soon too, and just can’t do it all in time for our Race in Sept. BUT the following year? …He aims to Show and If possible put AL in the car! He also has talked to Jack Merkel and is starting on that car too. He will send photos as construction moves along.


                                        Pete how can you tell it Jerry i though it was Fred Flintstone


                                            Anthony I don’t know for sure but Jerry was very tall and whomever is sitting in the car can almost reach the ground


                                                Hey O K Pete just messin with you


                                                    Hey Dino, just a little update on the Willys I have been in contact Ron and as you know he is putting an original Olds drivetrain. He found a new 394 Olds and I found the blower manifold, timing cover and a Hydro. He is really doing this right. Have a great weekend to everyone on the site. Thanks Peter


                                                        Took the liberty of Copying an E-Mail from Pete ,to show you guys this.

                                                        Heres a sign I am having prepared.
                                                        We have been invited to the 50th reunion of Muncie Dragstrip in Indiana Oct 1.
                                                        They have an old picture of 20 Willys coupes on the track from 1960 that they are going to duplicate on Oct 1st.
                                                        Sounds like a special event.
                                                        They are looking forward to the Bee-Line headlining the field for the picture.
                                                        How is Al doing?
                                                        Hope all is well.



                                                            Just talked to Ron…The Willys is pretty much Done awaiting the Engine builder to Finish the Olds motor.Has the hydro and shifter ‘in stock’ to be perfect restoration. He hopes to have it running with original power in time to make it to our 3rd annual. It’s up to the engine builder now.


                                                                ……… Boy that sounds great ❗ ❗ …… i guess there are still more cars out there ………… waiting ………..

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