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        He’s Doing well living in Palm City, Florida…. I had lunch with Billy about a month ago, while I was wintering in Florida….. The Sunshine State has suited him just fine, for the past 35 plus years… His hobbies since walking away from drag racing when he moved to Florida in the early 70’s are, restoring small airplanes, flying his twin engine Aztec, driving his Corvette…. He flies his Aztec to different drag racing events, where brother Bobby and his two sons, Bobby Jr, and Dom are racing the “Twilight Zone” Top Fuel dragster… Not a bad way to spend the “Golden Years”…
        Les Madaus…. Untouchables A/A


            Way back I connected with Billy …heres the link to that topic:

            Speed Freak Yellow Snow warning jpg


                Billy is a great guy….Some cool history there…..Glad he’s doing well……………….. 🙂

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