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        A couple of things.

        I am looking for any and all information in regarding a car I now own. The car was/is known as Red Alert, a 1970 LS-6 Chevelle bought new from Byrne Bros. for his wife Dorothy, then raced by Bob Hamilton in the SS/DA class, sponsored by Branch Motor Express. This is the same Bob Hamilton who ran the A/FX Mustang, sponsored by Larsen Ford. Bob has passed on, but as far as I know his wife Dorothy is still with us, living in the SE maybe, and Bob hamilton, JR is supposed to be in the NE somewhere. Any help in locating family members appreciated.

        As per the car, I now own it, taking it to numerous nostalgia events, including York and Beaver Springs in 2008. and yes, still racing it. The car is as raced back in the early ’70s, original sheetmetal, interior, frame, RE, lettering and stripes, 50-60 orignal paint. If at all pobbile, I would like to have the car at Island Raceway for the reunion in October, being as Bob raced at both Island and Dover.

        I was told the following photos were taken at Island Raceway.


            Hey ! get the ‘small print”…… He wants to bring it NOstalgia Drags at ISLAND! all the way from Mo. !

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