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        by BOBBY S. on Thu Jan 14, 2010 8:18 pm

        some of the races in Putnam county were started at the Lake View Inn
        (remember that place usto have all the top groups there on the weekend,
        Duprees, Larry Chance & the Earls, just a few names.)
        that was Lake Carmel, you had the Hide-A-Way on Baldwin place rd, in Mahopac Falls
        that was close to the county line to westchester,
        than in Carmel/Lake Carmel line there was the Family Inn, on rte 52,
        that was mostly the Local WOOD CHUCKS, they did not like city folks to well,,

        that over the Putnam line on 52 into Dutchess there was Tina’s,
        not to much racing was some-what a bike’r place, more knife fights
        there than anything, also in lake carmel near the Lake View was the Casino,
        “Bucket of Blood” lots of fights there also, did not last to long.
        Know Drake will remember some of the races,
        also during this time the local PD had some runners,
        Carmel PD soem killer fords, Kent PD, had big block chevys
        and one 440 stick dodge that only one sargent was to drive,
        the state police had the mopars that they had to keep hitting
        the computer? box mounted on the air cleaners with the handles of the 357’s
        they usto carry to keep them running.

        Not to bad for a “HICK” area…
        BOBBY S.


            Sounds like the ‘joints’ My Brother and I followed “The Young Rascals” from Dive to dive ,one weekend.Their record company had them on a “promo” tour of small clubs to promote their first single “Good Lovin’ We hit 3 clubs in one night in that area. Set-up ,play, break to next…set-up ,play, break -down,was weird. One one fairly big ,up a hlll…looked liked a lodge .


                Forgot about that one,
                in its’s days 40’s to mid late 60’s
                it was the hot spot for mostly going out for dinner
                type people, (old folks 😆 😆 🙄 )

                it was called the Club House, it was off TERRY Hill rd,
                on to club house rd,DDDDAAAAAA 🙄
                had to keep the directions simple for any city folks coming to the sticks,,,
                and this was WITH OUT rte 84 or 684..

                been a lot of changes over the years, now I think that last owner
                tried to make it into apartments.

                another great spot for the area was on rte 52 also,
                The Happy Valley, started in the 40’s was a great place for
                everyone back that, Gene Smith was the originator of it,
                during the hunting season all the hunters would stop there on the way home,
                as did the fish’n group, boy there was a lot SSSOOOOO Big
                got away stories with just these two groups alone.
                than every january usually there would be a BIG venison parts,
                Gene would always get his German dishes in there also.

                Than in the early 70’s it became a reg local bar with a lot of history,
                Dan Viola who usto own the Lake View always wanted to own “THE VALLEY”
                he got it after selling the Windjammer bar in the Putnam Plaza,
                just before the old Carmel Ford properity.
                Dan had a lot of good local groups there,
                Dino remember “Fantasy”
                also “Safe As Milk”, just two of the crowd drawing bands than.

                also on 52 was the “PORTLY DRAGON” started in a small building
                than took over the lodge on the Oleson & Johnson properity in lake carmel,
                than was changed to the Zig-Zag, the last name was GENESIS, tried disco & that stuff.

                That place burnt down, my FD new Fire House main station is now on that properity,

                ’bout it for now,

                Bobby S.

                (next tour bus leaves at dusk, V-Bob can bring cameras 😆 😆 😆 )


                    How ’bout Genes …Best juke Box around


                        From drink at 18 years old in N.Y.we hit,The Lanes, Berkshire Lodge,Norms,Tadios,For N’ Aft,What’s the one in Brewster that blew up from a gas leak not too many moons ago??
                        Knocked over a lot of bar stools and trees in thats at 18 Then beer runs over the state line to N.Y. on Sundays My My !ME OK !OH OH CARROLS BARN



                            TV BOB….The Fox Ridge Motel Blew …was in my Aft days, Home to the Bum Steer ‘Lounge’ & Restaurant …California Guys took down an old Vermont Barn, and Remodeled the whole inside with the hand -hewn timbers…beautiful. Then —Get This.. Bill Davitt (Had Automobile Shop where Lee V. And Willy Hormente worked) Decided to take it over. Renamed it ‘Kelties Bum Steer”. The dining room was built over the old motel inside pool. Gas leak collected under the floor in the pool cavity. someone lights up a stoogie and …Well… you’ve seen what 500 lb bomb can do -leveled the place.The roaches checked in …but they didn’t check out.


                                Brewster was another area of places,
                                had a bounch on the other side of the 312 line,,,,
                                the big boom at kelties was ignited when
                                a worker pluged in a vacumn cleaner,
                                was there with LCFD mutual aid as was
                                every department on that side of the county and Danbury.

                                V-Bob did you ever favor the Hunt’s Club
                                just passed Brewster Harley,
                                a small place, had some off color entrance door
                                and NO windows facing the street.

                                Don’t forget Norms, just up the street from
                                the at one time AMC dealer, the owner/bar tender was blind
                                but knew the differance between the paper money
                                places on the bar, and made some GREAT drinks.


                                    yeah, Norms Old Homstead,the matchbook cover posted was from there,I got shut down many times from the bartender there.Right on The Hunts Club,I bought a Harley( AMF) at the time from Brewster H-D !!
                                    How we made it back home to Waterbury after sooo many trips out west!!


                                        Hey i did alot of drinking in those bars around there and everywhere else . there was a cool bar on 52 on the left between Kent and Carmel biker bar i don’t know the name but it burned up the night after i was there 92 ? and Tina’s my old favorite. Brian.

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