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        Anybody got any clear images of the Bronx Speed Shop logo form back in the day,…. Bent Rod and Piston with some awesome gold leaf lettering?,…. recreating my uncle Frank Perrone’s King Rat as it was in 1972,….

        also!,…anybody seen where it was on Morris Park Ave today? i have no idea where it was,…


            Sounds like Lettering on a car? Gold Leaf…No photos?…If Yes ( photo) I can reproduce for T-Shirt…Sign Guy lettering Pattern or Decal.


                This guy was using the name not long ago with the original signage


                Im not sure if he is still there though. I was in there once (the original) in the very early 80’s I was a kid and dont remember it very well.I want to say it was just down past Bronxdale on the avenue going toward White Plains rd. I will find out the exact address. Give me a few minutes.

                From what I can figure out it was in the 700 block area between Garfield and Taylor.


                    I saw this Too in the News Times…trid to track down the Guy…No Luck. Someone in the family passed away and they closed the place down.No Luck on Google image search either…..Try posting on the Hamb.- LOT of old contacts there!


                        I’ll get a little more detail,just give me some time.


                            Ok,it was 770 Morris Park Ave,

                            Heres the logo


                                Nice Job ANT-NEY…Where the heck did you find THAT?…and what is it? …something printed.Old skool artwork…’flair pen’


                                    Hot Cars magazine. March 70. It was in the ads in the back.

                                    jack gardener

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