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      We Have Speed Shop Heading And Bench Racing BUT: every Car Guy got together and Hung out ! Drive-ins, Hot Dog Stands, for me after a Day at Dover …The Fore’N’Aft north in Brewster.And During the Week…Might have been the Goodie Shop in Mt.Kisco…The Sycamore in Bethel …And of course ..The Hang Out was where you planned those ….well… Little get -togethers on the back roads …know what I Mean ? so where did U hang -out? …just START A NEW TOPIC each time with the places name & Location. Ct. And New york—-Check in with your stories.

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        Cars & Bikes……..Anywhere you could get a race off. 😆 😀
        Sprain P/way
        All of Mam’k Ave.,from Ridgeway to I-95.Milkmaid…Right Grover ?
        OPG..Port Chester.
        Rt. 7 Norwalk
        Westchester County Airport (King St.)
        White Castle – Da Bronx
        Connecting Hi-way

        Girls & Women… 🙄 .. Depends on the time of year. 😎
        Putting greens at Ridgeway C.C.
        Cornfield in Heathcote…Right Chink ? 😛
        Elmsford Drive In
        ETC. ETC.
        John 😉

        Stu S. car was a 389 tri-power ’64 Goat.He ran out of my shop. 😮

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          John…………….The Goat I’m talking about was from Elmsford and Labriola set up the run……He told us it was a 421 with aluminum bumpers etc………I guessed the name was Silverman…….Same car???????? Ingles andI would frequent the White Castle and run on the then new 95……..Also MacDonalds in Mamaroncek on the Post Road………………Don……

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            Could Be ‘Stu” Silverman…ADAMS PONTIAC…Then later with a GTO called “Respect’

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              Crest drive in Westport Big Top Shop Westport Cruise down to Norwalk to Wetson’s back through Westport to Duchess in Fairfield then start all over again!

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                Hung out at Briarwoods in Bridgeport,Connecticut.Everybody who raced went there.We all raced at Dover Dragstrip,Connecticut Dragway,National Speedway,Suffolk County Long Island,Lebanon Valley,Milton Speedway in Vermont,New England Dragway in Epping New Hampshire,York Pennsylvania.After we raced where ever it was we would all go to the hang out to race talk about our day,maybe a few street races.Met alot of car guys there then and still friends with them from 1968.Not far from Cooper’s Auto parts on East main Street Bridgeport.We all bought our racing needs from Cooper’s and from Deb’s in Milford,Connecticut.Also a few times made it out to Greenwich,CT to see Dick Moroso on East putnam Ave.It was a great time to live in,met alot of good people.I also re-met the girl I married there on a Sunday afternoon on a week end that I was waiting for parts for my Fire Bird named Break Away.If I was racing that week end I probably would not have met my wife.Back then ther wasn’t alot of time to spend on girl friends because the race car was so demanding. Bob Krosky,Break Away-Fire bird

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                  Back in 60s to mid 70s. We hung out at BILLS MOBIL IN PORT JERVIS and BOBS GULF OUT ON RT 6. If you was a drag racer they was the places. BOB was a racer that ran a alter with 6 banger. A bunch of us would meet at Bills and go out to POCONO DRAG LODGE or ISLAND DRAGWAY or DOVER!!! SORRY BUT WE LOVED POCONO !!! Most the time 7 cars 67 lemans 389 auto – 66 396 4 speed chevelle- 67 427 chevelle 4 speed 67 mustang 390 4 speed fastback- 68 343 auto javlin- 61 283 270 hp 4 speed vet- 57 ford 312 2 fours 4 speed. Good times !!! When street racing yes you know you did it too Avon Parking Lot Middletown ! I miss real gas stations to hang out at ! Guys don’t do that any more To bad ! GREAT TIMES !!!

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                    Goody shop,My.Kisco,milk maid,White Plains. MacDonald s Larchmont White Castle Allerton ave Bronx. Anywhere you could get a race.

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