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        Check out this cool 1959 Nationals film. It follows the Dragmaster team from California to Detroit Dragway. :ugeek:


            I have that on VHS casette. And Dino burned copies of it for himself and me to have also. It’s very good, I recomend it. It was made by the NHRA for promo.

            It also shows the “Dragliner“. That was Jim and Dode’s previous dragster. It was bought and being run by “Nick The Chow Hound”… Looks a lot different from the Dragmaster cars except for the copper color and the red stripe.

            Bernie Partridge with the microphone in the NHRA jacket in the tower there.

            My good friend Harry Steele here in Miami was there as an NHRA official and had a big part in organizing this event. I saw Harry just tonight but he will be gone on another Carrabean cruise tomorrow and I won’t see him until a week after tomorrow.

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